Wayne W.

Best Experience With a Dentist…Ever!!!

Dr. Robert Karr is the perfect blend of skilled professional and great chair side manner. His Hygienist is also very polite, talented and concerned for the patient.

My first visit was due to a fractured tooth. From the beginning when I walked in I was greeted promptly, (they addressed me by name) and consistently felt respected and cared for. I did not have to wait long even though I was early. I was most impressed by Dr. Karrs humble demeanor and super respectful approach. I could tell that he knew his profession well and understood most peoples dislike or even fear of dental work and he made me feel very comfortable and inspired confidence. He took plenty of time to show me the results of his examination and explained the recommended treatment. He headlined well any and all next steps so I never wondered what was coming next. I elected to allow him to go ahead and complete the crown build up and impression for the crown and throughout the procedure Dr. Karr kept checking in to make sure I was comfortable and not experiencing much of any pain.

The visit back two weeks later was no different. He did a masterful job of setting the crown and really and truly cared how it turned out; and made sure I was in agreement that it was comfortable when biting down and that I had no discomfort. He even did most of the scraping in cleaning all my teeth before he had the Hygienist take over to polish my teeth. Again it was the greatest dental experience ever and as long as reside within an hours drive Dr. Karr is my Dentist for life.

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