Don’t Play Around With Gum Disease [quiz]

Did you know that you could have early-stage gum disease and not even be aware of it? Many symptoms of gum disease – such as tender gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth – don’t show up until the condition is advanced. Dr. Karr at Alliance Dental Care can examine your mouth for any signs of gum disease and provide expert treatment if needed. Call our Ft. Worth dentist office ...

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Make Better First Impressions With Dental Veneers [blog]

A good smile is critical for making a positive first impression. But if your teeth aren’t in great shape – they’re stained, chipped, or worn – then your smile isn’t helping you at all when you’re meeting new people. The good news is that Dr. Robert Karr at Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth has many ways to help improve your smile. Dental veneers are one of the quickest ways to ...

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Sedation Makes Dental Fear a Thing of the Past [quiz]

          Do you have dental fear? Has your anxiety kept you from going to the dentist? If so, Alliance Dental Care has great news for you! Dr. Karr can provide you with calming oral conscious sedation that will: Make it easy to get the smile care you need. Help you forget about the sights and sounds of the dentist office. Give you peace of mind ...

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You Can Have The Smile That You Lost Again

We hope you never lose any of your teeth. We also you never break or crack any of your teeth. But if you do, now is the best time in dental history to have those problems. Why? Because restorative dentistry has come so far. We can effectively replace or rebuild one tooth or every tooth in your mouth. And when we’re finished, your teeth can look as good as and often even better than ...

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Should I Try A Night Guard For Bruxism? [QUIZ]

There’s no doubt that stress can negatively impact your health. But did you know stress can also affect your teeth? At Alliance Dental Care, we treat a common condition known as bruxism, which is when you clench your jaw and grind your teeth, often involuntarily, as a result of stress. Answer a few questions on today’s quiz to see if you might benefit from a custom night guard from ...

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Could I Benefit From Sleep Apnea Treatment? [quiz]

Do you snore? Do you often feel sleepy during the day? You could be suffering from sleep apnea and not even know it. This serious condition can do more than just disrupt your sleep. It can lead to other complications such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and heart attacks. Dr. Karr at Alliance Dental Care in Waco provides safe, comfortable sleep apnea treatment without ...

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Learn About Today’s Dentures [blog]

If you haven’t worn dentures in a while, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Today’s dentures are better than ever before. They fit better, feel more comfortable, and last longer than the “false teeth” you might remember from your childhood. Dr. Robert Karr of Alliance Dental Care can fit you with custom dentures that will give you good reason to smile. New dentures in ...

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The Signs Of Gum Disease [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that roughly half of all Americans are living with gum disease? This infection of the tissue surrounding your gums can sneak up on you if you’re not paying attention, and it can do some serious damage to your smile. At Alliance Dental Care, in Fort Worth, TX, we’re able to prevent gum disease with the help of regular dental checkups and cleanings. And if infection should ...

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The Importance Of Routine Dental Checkups

Spring is a time of renewal. Flowers are in bloom, you might take a vacation to refresh, and perhaps you’re doing a little cleaning around the house to welcome the season. Keeping with the theme, now is a great time to schedule a routine dental exam and cleaning! Not only will your smile feel fresh leaving the office, but you’ll feel great knowing that these visits are helping you prevent ...

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Is Sleep Apnea Robbing You Of Beauty Rest? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Without high-quality sleep, it’s impossible to function at your very best. If you’ve been experiencing sleepless nights or excessive snoring that wakes your or your partner, it’s time to explore the possibility that you’re living with unmanaged obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition marked by repeated interruptions to your breathing during sleep. These episodes ...

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Dental Veneers Will Give You A Gorgeous Smile

There’s a lot of emphasis on having a great smile these days. We’re bombarded with examples on all our media – television, movies, and even online. However, it’s not always easy to get the smile you want; there are very few naturally perfect smiles. With dental ...

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Could That Snoring Be Sleep Apnea?

Snoring is a world-wide phenomenon, but not all snoring is created equal. Snoring that’s accompanied by choking while asleep, stopping breathing for short periods of time, and frequent awakening could indicate a serious condition known as sleep apnea.   Dr. Robert ...

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