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Alliance Dental Care is much more than a dentist office where your teeth are cleaned. Our Fort Worth, TX location will always be a pleasure for you to visit as you benefit from any of our comprehensive services.

Since 2005, we have been taking extraordinary care of our patients, though we carry with us many more years of experience.

You’ll soon meet Dr. Robert Karr, who is endlessly devoted to providing the best dental care possible. With over two decades of practicing dentistry, he continues to investigate the latest dental technology and treatments to best serve your smile. Because of his love of education – even outside of dentistry – he’s practically encyclopedic. So feel free to chat with him about anything!

You’ll also meet Monica, who is the “Best. Hygienist. EVER” according to our patient testimonials. Dr. Karr and Monica are caring pros who will always make each trip to our office seem less like a typical “appointment.”

Free consultations and free second opinions are just the beginning of what Alliance Dental Care can offer you. Feel free to check out all of our dental solutions, then call our Fort Worth, TX dentist office today at 817-985-3077.

Embarrassed To Smile | Alliance Dental Care | Forth Worth , Texas

We make it easy to fix your smile so you can happily share it again. Our many cosmetic dentistry services can cover up common flaws such as staining and even crooked, cracked, or chipped teeth.

Find A Smile You’ll Love!
Hard Time Chewing | Alliance Dental Care | Forth Worth , Texas

You could be missing out on excellent food due to loose or missing teeth. With restorative dentistry services, Dr. Karr can fix your existing teeth or replace them so you can comfortably enjoy any meals you like.

Be Happier To Eat Again!
Tooth Ache | Alliance Dental Care |Forth Worth , Texas

If you’re in pain, you need to call us right away at 817-985-3077. We set aside time during our regular business hours to address dental emergencies. We will quickly relieve your pain and solve your dental issue.

It’s Time To Take The Pain Away!

Dentistry To Improve Your Smile & Health

Alliance Dental Care offers the following services to ensure your smile’s health and your happiness:

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Dr. Karr and our Alliance Dental Care team know you’ll be as glad as hundreds of other patients that you came to us. Call us today at 817-985-3077 to book your first visit to our Fort Worth, TX dentist office. You can also use our online form to contact us for your free consultation or second opinion.

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